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As of May 12, 2009 the following sequences were available for download in Silva 98: 

  • Nematodes: 5265 SSU, 1544 LSU
  • Kinorhynca: 10 SSU
  • Priapulida: 23 SSU
  • Nematomorpha: 19 SSU
  • Tardigrada: 723 SSU

We decided on using Kinorhnca, Priapulida, Nematomorpha, and Tardigrada as outgroups, based on the conclusions of a recent paper by Dunn (2008, Science).

ARB Functions–Replacing T’s with U’s (or vice versa):

  • Mark all sequences, click Search and Query –> More functions (option in text box that comes up)
  • Choose ‘Modify fields of listed species’  using categories ‘Aln_18’ or ‘nuc’
  • In text box, write ‘:T=U’
  • We tried this using the category ‘Aln_18’ and it didn’t work, so its probably the ‘nuc’ category to choose

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