SSU Alignment Edits

The following species were edited on May 20th and 21st:

  • Tripyloides
  • Bathylaimus
  • Enoplus
  • Chaetonema
  • Metachromadora
  • Oncholaimus
  • Adoncholaimus
  • Spirinia
  • Viscosia
  • Enoplus
  • Enoplolaimus
  • Mesacanthion
  • Paramesacanthion
  • Sabatieria
  • Daptonema
  • [Mesodorylaimus]
  • [Leptonchus (4:0)]
  • [Bathyeurystomina]

After two days of edits, I rebuilt the entire NJ tree  at 5pm on May 21st.

(Bold genera names mean I search and queried all sequences with that genera name. [Bracket] genera names mean these genera were edited alongside Bold genera as reference sequences–thus, not all sequences with this genera assignment have been searched and edited):


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