Cleanup of SSU tree in ARB

Today I started by cleaning up the tree a bit.  The Sourhope samples mostly didn’t add any information and just clogged up the tree, so I removed a total of 1922 unidentified Sourhope sequences from the tree–they are accessible in the ARB database, however..  They were marked with ‘sourhope removed’ in the import field.

The following groups were edited today:

  • Mesomermis
  • Monoposthia
  • Xiphinema
  • Pratylenchus
  • Phasmarhabditis
  • Strongyloides–the outlier sequences are a mess, although the main group is fine.  I removed species named ‘SgdRatt5’ and ‘RtdSpeci’ because they looked to be of bad quality.  They didn’t align coherently with fastaligner, and the sequences didn’t agree even the super-conserved regions.

I re-built the NJ tree at 9pm after today’s major edits–hopefully the groups will start falling into place.


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