Continuing SSU edits

41 more nematodes were removed from the tree.  These included 38 unidientified Sourhope nematodes (labeled before removal), and 3 Canorhabditis specimens: Cb3Rema2, Cb3Bren2, Cb3Reman.  These last 3 specimens had awfully messy alignments that couldn’t be fixed by fast aligner.  The info field revealed that these sequences were resulting from a whole genome shotgun project, and so I suspect they are of dubious quality (or aren’t actually 18S sequences).  Pristonchus sequence P25Paci5 also looks dodgy but I left it in the tree for now.

The following groups were edited on May 25/26:

  • Caenorhabditis
  • Oscheius
  • Sphaerolaimus
  • Terschellingia
  • Prismatolaimus
  • Acrobeloides
  • Diplolaimelloides
  • Pristionchus
  • Spirinia/Robbea/Laxus (neighbours in a group)
  • Toxocara
  • Philonema
  • Plectus
  • Pikilolaimus
  • Anguillicola
  • Anoplostoma
  • Rotylenchus/Rotylenchulus
  • Diphtherophora
  • Campydora
  • Eucephalobus
  • Mesocriconema
  • Eudorylaimus
  • Naccobus

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