More SSU edits

The following groups were edited on May 27/28th:

  • Pellioditis
  • Meloidogyne
  • Neochromadora
  • Trochodorus

The following species look dodgy, and were labelled with ‘sourhope removed’ in the import field before being removed fromm the tree:

  • MlgInc34
  • MlgInc13
  • MlgInc21
  • MlgInc12
  • MlgHap10
  • MlgInc31
  • MlgInc20
  • MlgInc33
  • Sgd Vene2
  • SgdSter6
  • BrgMal14
  • BrgMala9
  • P25Paci5
  • Cb3Rema3
  • P25Paci4
  • UncRhab2
  • UncNem74
  • UncNem68
  • UnnN1414

The following sequences looked like they could be included in the final tree, but they need to be re-aligned using the PT server when that is set up.  They were removed for the time being, labelled with PT search (in the import field I think):

  • S94Batur (Soboliphyme)
  • Eu6Dispa (Eucoleus)
  • M65Tenui (Capillaria)

Today I also ran four trees on the RaxML web server.  I realised (after the fact) that two datasets were incomplete, so the correct job numbers:  Job _____, from the file ‘Enoplids_2_May28’ (Enoplid only tree, with Sabatieria as the outgroup) and Job 416526, from the file ‘Cox1_Ts_replaced’.


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