RAxML run

Ran the first RAxML run over the weekend (Job 418163).  ed of all of my own Enoplid Sequences (#256) and all the ‘Enoplid*’ search results by taxonomy in ARB, as well as Sabatieria sequences (6) chosen as the outgroup.  The file was subbmitted in Phylip format (filename Enoplids_2_28May.phy, total taxa=444)

  • GTR +G, ML estimate of alpha-parameter, 100 bootstrap replicates performed
  • Final ML Optimisation Likelihood  = -57408.599186
  • Annotated the best-scoring ML tree with bootstrap value

RAxML Job 418200 –>  Cox1_Ts_replaced.phy (this file has since been renamed ‘SSU_Ts_replaced.phy’).  Job was submitted on May 28th, and has not finished as of this morning. Estimated to take 145 hours.  URL: http://phylobench.vital-it.ch/raxml-bb/index.php?jid=418200


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