Nematode Microbiome Project

Picked individal worms into tubes as follows:

  • MB1 (site unknown): Thoracostomopsidae
  • MB2 (site unknown): Metachromadora?  Striated except tail tip, oesophogeal bulb
  • MB3 (site unknown): Microlaimus?
  • MB4 (site unknown): Thoracostomopsidae
  • MB5 (site unknown): Xyala? High lips, spiral amphid
  • MB6 (site unknown): Axonolaimus
  • MB7-MB16 (Shellfish Lab, post-spill): no IDs
  • MB17-26 (Shellfish Lab, pre-spill): no IDs
  • MB 27-36 (Bellair Blvd, post-spill): no IDs
  • MB37-46 (Bellair Blvd, pre-spill): no IDs
  • MB 47-56 (JEL sediment, 8/3/10): no IDs; MB53 is a huge nematode
  • MB57-59 (Wallis Sands, 2/18/11): no IDs
  • MB60-69 (JEL sediment 8/3/10): MB63 is Desmoscolecidae?

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