Continuing progress with GOM analysis

Finished the re-demultiplexing the GOM Illumina data yesterday on Amazon Cloud, now combining files in prep for another round of OTU clustering, etc.

cat KO_1_1/seqs.fna KO_2_1/seqs.fna
KO_3_1/seqs.fna KO_4_1/seqs.fna KO_5_1/seqs.fna KO_6_1/seqs.fna KO_7_1/seqs.fna
KO_8_1/seqs.fna KO_9_1/seqs.fna KO_10_1/seqs.fna KO_11_1/seqs.fna KO_12_1/seqs
.fna > GOM_concat_fwd_demulti_1to12_1.fna

cat KO_1_2/seqs.fna KO_2_2/seqs.fna
KO_3_2/seqs.fna KO_4_2/seqs.fna KO_5_2/seqs.fna KO_6_2/seqs.fna KO_7_2/seqs.fna
KO_8_2/seqs.fna KO_9_2/seqs.fna KO_10_2/seqs.fna KO_11_2/seqs.fna KO_12_2/seqs
.fna > GOM_concat_rev_demulti_1to12_2.fna

Comparing the differences between the old QIIME 1.4 (iMac) demultiplexing and new QIIME 1.5 (AWS Cloud) demultiplexing:


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