PhyloSift paper and web updates, continued

More progress toward the PhyloSift paper and web updates. Here are the things I need to follow up on this weekend:

Intro edits – say something about:

  • If you want to test for an organism’s presence, people would do a BLAST search with a homology test. But doesn’t tell you if you have several hits, or about the evolutionary relationship of what’s in your sample.
  • People also to tree based analysis too right now (manual inspection) – need a better way to do this (a method for the HTP era), and something that is statistically robust way of doing this (not just exploratory methods).

***Put each sentence on a separate line – for intro for Latex purposes

***Go through Aaron’s Nov 1 email outline to make sure I mention all the necessary things in the intro


Test out Bayes factor test and start putting together the web tutorial 

run all mode with –bayes flag

and then run test_lineage mode with the relevant flags.

Aaron is going to prep an analysis for the paper, and then we can make a tutorial with this data


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