Demul_trim_prep test data

We now have a GitHub repo for the (as yet unnamed) demultiplexor script that Guillaume and Srijak are developing.

Made some test data by subsampling some of the GOM Illumina data, as follows:

———–10k test file sequences———

head -n 40000 1926-KO-10_1_barcode.txt > 1926-KO-10_1_barcode_10k.txt
head -n 40000 1926-KO-10_1_trimmed.txt > 1926-KO-10_1_trimmed_10k.txt
head -n 40000 1926-KO-10_2_barcode.txt > 1926-KO-10_2_barcode_10k.txt
head -n 40000 1926-KO-10_2_trimmed.txt > 1926-KO-10_2_trimmed_10k.txt


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