Parallel Aligning Sequences, yet again

Reattempting to align sequences so I can move forward with some cursory core diversity analyses. This time I opted for an AWS m2.2xlarge (only 32GB memory), since I the larger instance was just not wanting to align anything. Same errors with this script, even after changing the qiime_config file. -i /home/ubuntu/data/18S_chimera_openref96_alldenovo_18Oct13/rep_set.fna -o /home/ubuntu/data/18S_chimera_openref96_alldenovo_18Oct13/pynast_aligned_seqs -T –jobs_to_start 4 –template_fp /home/ubuntu/data/silva_111/99_Silva_111_rep_set_euk_aligned.fasta –pairwise_alignment_method uclust –min_percent_id 70.0 –min_length 150

Finally posted a help message on the QIIME Google Group, because this issue has been frustrating me long enough:!topic/qiime-forum/f2tA2a97OxE


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