Viral Test Datasets

Running into errors on both master and devel branches this morning, so I’m moving forward downloading Joe DiRisi’s viral datasets. Downloading the split files and will have to concatenate everything together. Instructions from Mark Stenglein:

The data is combined into a tar.gz file, which I had to split into 11 files (google docs has a max file size).To get the data, you should download the split files and recombine them by running:

cat pool5_all.fastq.tar.gz.split_* > pool5_all.fastq.tar.gz


gunzip pool5_all.fastq.tar.gz
tar xvf pool5_all.fastq.tar

The tarfile contains one file per barcode.

**Aaron says run PhyloSift tests in debug mode so we can get verbose info on what is actually going wrong.